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Arizona Music News Spring 2018

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Arizona Music News

Articles appearing in the Arizona Music News are designed to help you, the music teaching professional in Arizona.  If you have any helpful tips, unique lesson plans or just great news to share, please plan on contributing to our fall, winter and spring issues.  All articles on any subject of interest to the AMEA membership should be submitted by September 1st (fall issue), November 1st (winter issue) and February 1st (spring issue) to Ken Jaeger, AMN Editor.

The AMN is published three times yearly and reaches over 1300 AMEA members in Arizona.  The purpose of the AMN is to provide AMEA members with news, information and opinions on music and music education as it pertains to Arizona and the world.  Articles selected for publication will be edited for content, spelling and grammar.  Submit articles to Ken Jaeger, AMN Editor, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please send submissions in a WORD format and photos must be at 300 dpi resolution for publication attached in a PDF or JPG.



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