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Arizona Music News Spring 2018

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Advocacy LinksLinks to advocacy resources


Top 10 Advocacy Points for Parents
Top 10 Advocacy Points for Directors
Top 10 Advocacy Points for Administrators
Top 10 Advocacy Points for Everyone
Importance of Music Education in Schools
Music's Value
Music = Improved Reading Skills
Music's Impact
Can Music Make You Smarter?
Benefits of Music
Group Instruction
Music's Underrated Importance
Practical Guidelines
Pull-Out Lessons
More Pull-Out Info
Elem. Pull-Out Crisis
The Brain and Music
Learn from Science
Gallup Poll
No Time for Music
Justify Music Programs
Academics and Music
Music Education in California
Don't Forget Arts
Arts Front & Center
Executive Harris Poll (doc)
New Harris Poll Links Music Education to Advanced Studies and Higher Incomes (November 2007)
Music Makes the Grade (January 2007 Harris Poll) (pdf)
Music Booster Manual (excerpt)
Building Support for School Music: A Practical Guide to Grassroots Organization
Advocacy and the Music Educator Position Statement

The 12 Benefits of Music Education 

Music and Young Minds
Teachers Union Facts
Piano Lessons: Make kids smarter?
Music Tidbits: Advocacy Facts and Figures
Elementary Pull-Out
Music Is Important
Music Opens Minds
Curtains for Calif.
Music is Basic
Brain Research
Music & Thinking
Arts for Everything
Mozart Controversy
Why We Need Music
Why Teach Music
Music and Business
Music Matters
Facts & Statistics
Arts in Education
Ensuring the Best
PSA Transcript
Essential Facts (pdf)
The Case for Music Ed (video)
Save the Music (video)
Grab and Go Advocacy (pdf)
Music is Key to Success: Advocacy Poster (pdf)
The Power of Music: Advocacy Brochure Series (pdf)
Music For All Students: Planning Music Education Advocacy (pdf)
Promoting the Profession (pdf)
Strengthen Arts Education in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act: Legislative Recommendation (pdf)
Advocacy Letter to Principal (pdf)
Advocacy Concert Speech (pdf)
Letter to the Editor (doc)

Good Teachers / Bad Teachers


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