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8th Grade All-State Band

Audition Submissions  


Please read and make sure you understand the following before submitting files for adjudication.


This year we are using Dropbox to collect all audio recordings of auditions. In order for the adjudication to be blind, you will be given a unique Director Code and unique Submission Codes by the chairperson after registering and before submitting your files.  


Before uploading your files, please rename them as the submission code  (examples: f102.mp3, t538.mp3).


After clicking on the appropriate category below, the Dropbox file request page will open in a new tab.  Check the top right corner to make sure that you are not currently signed into Dropbox.  If you see your name there, click on it and choose Sign out.  Failure to do this will tag each of your submissions with your name, which we are avoiding.


Choose the correct files (already renamed with submission codes) from your computer. Within each instrument's folder, you can attach more than one file at a time. Your First Name is "Director" and your Last Name is your director code. Please put your real email address. This is not seen by the judge but rather just to give you a confirmation email.










Alto Clarinet


Bass Clarinet


Alto Sax


Tenor Sax


Bari Sax














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